If you accept art, it must be a part of your daily lives, and the daily life of every man.

—William Morris

Welcome to Artcroft

A creative residency program organized cooperatively by artists for artists

Welcome to the Artcroft home page. We hope that this will be your first step to new opportunities for creative growth. Every practicing artist should have the chance to concentrate on his or her work for a period of time without the multitude of daily distractions that hamper our lives. Time set aside for revitalizing the creative spirit, pursuing new trains of thought, or concentrating on an idea already in the works are essential parts of being a productive artist. Artcroft’s pastoral setting offers the practicing artist a tranquil, natural environment in which to think, plan, and work. Set on 400 acres of rolling Kentucky hills, Artcroft is a working cattle ranch replete with wildlife ponds, wildflower festooned meadows, and spectacular nightscapes. Experience the restorative power and sense of professional accomplishment that a stay at Artcroft can bring. Inspiration and discovery are built in.


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